“Gus Rossi, Global Policy Director at Public Knowledge, said:

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Canada Goose Outlet The organizations are calling on NAFTA nations to make meaningful reforms to trade processes to make them more transparent and responsive to public input, and are warning that close attention must be paid to the impact of the agreement on critical functions of the Internet.The United States Trade Representative (USTR) recently released its negotiating objectives for NAFTA, highlighting digital trade as a top priority.”We’ve seen firsthand how a complete lack of consultation and public engagement led to the downfall of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and a breaking of public trust in trade processes,” said Meghan Sali, Communications Manager at OpenMedia. “All NAFTA nations should recognize the danger in reproducing conditions that will inevitably lead to the mass public rejection of yet another trade agreement.”Jeremy Malcolm, Senior Global Policy Analyst for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said: astonishing that far from correcting the mistakes that led to the downfall of the TPP, the USTR is on track to compounding those mistakes holding no public stakeholder events in association with the first round, and doubling down on the secrecy of the text. NAFTA renegotiations should not serve as a forum for powerful lobbies to continue pushing for maximalist IP standards that fail to Cheap Canada Goose account for the interests of Americans, Mexicans and Canadians.”Gus Rossi, Global Policy Director at Public Knowledge, said: NAFTA addresses intellectual property, it is critical that user rights are protected and the demands of rights holders are balanced. Canada Goose Outlet

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