Investigators were able to identify Wright when Mount Olive

Canada Goose sale Jason Wright, 30, of West Wendover, Nev., is believed to have stolen 10 sets of keys and a 2006 Audi A3 from the Bloom Auto Group on July 16, Roxbury police said in a news release.Surveillance footage showed an individual, later identified as Wright, breaking into the dealership and taking the keys, police said. He then left the building and took an Audi from the parking lot.Police said a gray sedan with black rims and a black convertible top was seen following the Audi after leaving the dealership’s parking lot.Investigators were able to identify Wright when Mount Olive police responded to an abandoned vehicle fire the night the Audi was stolen. The car on fire a gray BMW with a black convertible top and rims was found to be registered to Wright, police said.Six days later, Wright and Rebecca Ziglar, 33, of Wendover, Utah, were arrested in connection Cheap Canada Goose with the pursuit of a tractor trailer stolen out of Arkansas, according to The Meridian Star.The newspaper reported Wright and Ziglar, who was initially the subject of a missing persons investigation, were taken into custody following a police chase that ended when officers deployed spike strips in Clarke County, Mississippi.Wright and Ziglar were both reportedly charged with eluding police and possession of a stolen vehicle in connection with the tractor trailer pursuit. Canada Goose sale

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