“Pena, who previously worked with Ayer on 2012 police drama

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canada goose factory outlet “From the rations to waking up early to being sleep deprived, you’re really having to rely on the other person to get through.”Pena, who previously worked with Ayer on 2012 police drama “End of Watch, jokingly compared working with the director to a root canal dental procedure.”It’s always scary Canada Goose Sale to do a David Ayer movie because what he likes is to make somebody uncomfortable and film that,” he said.The experience was new for 22 year old Lerman, best known for young adult movies such as “Percy Jackson” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” who said http://www.canadagooseonsales.com/ he learned a lot about his physical and emotional limits.”It was very humbling to think about the people that actually have to train like that,” Lerman said.Ayer said LaBeouf, who has more recently made headlines for bizarre antics including wearing a paper bag on his head for an art installation, “worked his ass off” to prepare for the role of God fearing gunner Boyd “Bible” Swan.”The crazy Shia rumours are fun, but the boring truth is he just did a lot cheap canada goose of prep to play this character,” Ayer said. “He doesn’t showboat, and he’s so powerful and understated.”Much of the film takes place in enclosed spaces and the violence, which is often bloody and prolific in battle scenes, aims to give context to the harsh and jarring conditions that scar the men.”The reality of modern warfare and mechanized warfare is people are just mangled,” Ayer said. “I have to show what they’re reacting to and what they’ve seen for years, to understand the effect it’s had on them.” canada goose factory outlet.

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