The Redskins’ playoff chances have

The Redskins’ playoff chances have taken a hit these past two weeks with back to back losses against Dallas and Arizona. Washington hasn’t won in its last four road trips but faces an Eagles team that’s lost five of its last six games. Philadelphia rushed for just 53 yards last week against Cincinnati, though the Redskins should offer an opportunity for improvement.

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Cheap Jerseys from china They are also great for listening in on truck driver conversations. You can learn a lot about road and traffic conditions from them. Be careful about betting directions from them tho as they can sometimes lead you astray.. Mistakes are going to be made; that should be expected.”They’re asked to do some things different than they were in the last defense they played, so there is a transition going on there,” said Chip Kelly on Tuesday.Kelly was talking about the safeties specifically but could easily have been speaking about the entire defense. Still, the Eagles defense made such a poor impression Friday that some seriously silly theories have been advanced to explain the defense’s pratfalls against New England.One, advanced by Eagles cornerback, is that the defense isn’t feared, isn’t “nasty” enough. The second, largely pushed by Andy Reid nostalgia types in the media who can’t quite understand that their hero has flown the nest, is pitched to the theory that because the Birds have severely restricted live tackling in practice, it follows that they can’t tackle in games, and that more hitting in camp would mean better tackling.Williams’ thoughts on defense deserve some respect because he played on a Super Bowl unit last season inBut Williams, who was tossed from a practice with the Patriots for a scuffle, seemed to be talking more about using overly physical, penalty worthy shots to make the Eagles defense “feared.”Kelly, to his immense credit, immediately poured cold water on his hotheaded cornerback.”If you do (what Williams did in practice) in a game, you’re kicked out,” he said Cheap Jerseys from china.

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