Ever since his childhood, street pop artist Benjamin SPaRK has been fascinated by comics. In his works, Benjamin SPaRK uses past and present comic heroes as an inspiration to create a new dimension in pop art. He has found a whole new style of art, by mixing textures and colours, with a touch of humour, and mostly with his childhood heroes playing a starring role.

Just like every other artist, Benjamin SPaRK is inspired by fellow artists, and likes to use their work as a starting point for his own work. Giving rise to spooky characters from comics, advertising or cartoons, he recreates these characters by picturing them in not so obvious scenery, or without their well known characteristics.

And this is exactly what pop art is all about. Taking popular characters and symbols, almost sacred for most people, and picturing them in a way in which their integrity is put into question. It tickles the brain, and makes you think about the power of these characters and symbols that seemed to be so unimpeachable in our childhood.

Plagiarism? No, an ode!

Unfortunately, not everybody seems to understand this subtle type of humour, and tend to call this plagiarism. Obviously, the art of Benjamin SPaRK needs to be seen as an ode to all the comic heroes that every child has, and not as plagiarism or piracy. By using characters from other artists, and picturing them in a different way, Benjamin SPaRK tries to stimulate the imagination in every person. Something Benjamin SPaRK believes a good piece of art should do.

For those people who think this is plagiarism, Benjamin SPaRK invites you to come and check out his work, and to look how Benjamin SPaRK creates his work. Together we can have a discussion about these works of art, something that was Benjamin SPaRK’s main goal in the first place.